Friday, August 11, 2006

Back to Gina Ford

So back to Gina Ford...

I'm writing this because I dislike the way this woman lords it up over mothers and forum owners. She has no legal right to stop anyone discussing her books - positive or negative. I'm also entitled to ask questions about her qualifications - she cannot stop me or anyone else under UK law.

So, yes, I want to know what she really is? She's a writer - yes but again I say her biography is meaningless. Conan Doyle and Dickens were writers but I'm certain she doesn't fall into the same literary category.

Blackout blinds were around in WW2 so she's not original with that one. She's not original with lots of things so she can't be blamed entirely for what is in her books as she hasn't created a lot of it. However, a lot of the information in her books, in the view of those who have researched infants, child development, nutrition, infant physiology, infant psychology etc, is just out of date and cruel to babies in many cases as it is not responding to their needs.

Why do people have to defend her? It's like a cult and she is the leader.


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