Saturday, August 12, 2006

A comment to Gina Ford's legal team

If Ms Ford starts to curb off all negative discussion of her books and methods then be prepared for when babies grow up who may claim that they were traumatised by her methods. They may well be able to sue the publishers unless disclaimers start going into her publications that some of the methods therein may need to be discussed with professionals* and references given to criticisms and evaluations. If that information on emotional wellbeing and abuse etc is not given honestly and openly then I would say that judges could well rule in the favour of "traumatised" children and adults.

* (I can't say "other" since Ms Ford is not a professional in anything other than writing that I am aware of?).


Blogger Christina Springer said...

That is a very insightful comment. And a very accurate future projection. I could definitely see that happening in the U.S. How likely would that be to happen in the U.K.?

Being an American, I am always incredibly aware of how exceptionally litigious we are. (We are a nation of people willing to sue anybody. We sue the drive-through restaurant when we stupidly put hot coffee between our legs. And we win millions.) I have noticed that the British (with the exception of Ms Ford) are more judicious about bringing suit.

Although - having read about Margot Sunderland's new research about the phsyiological damage to babies left to cry, these children would have medical science on their side if they chose to sue in the future.
Read about her recent research here.

6:32 AM  
Blogger QuestionAsker said...

I'm not a lawyer - I can only ask questions really and these are thoughts and questions that I have asked. I'm not even a Mumsnet person but I was at a forum a few years ago which was a holistic parenting one and saw the way that was handled. No personal comments had been made there.

11:15 AM  
Blogger tracy said...

Yes! I've been thinking the exact same thing about GF babies growing up and taking her to court.
I, along with others helped present evidence to the BBC on the consequences of the parenting methods she advocates. They did cancel the show they had commissioned called Gina Ford's Babyschool but no reason was given. Perhaps they had this idea in mind.

10:01 AM  

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