Friday, August 11, 2006

Gina Ford books

Gina Ford in her biography claims to have a background that apparently makes her qualified to guru it over parents.

If you like the methods in Gina Ford's books then part of this trust in them is that you must believe that somehow she is qualified to give that kind of information. New mothers are often very vulnerable in taking on all sorts of advice and no doubt some of the stuff Gina Ford has in her books is useful advice. However, it has to be said that much of what is in Gina Ford's books is old stuff that mothers have been doing long before Gina Ford.

The problem in my eyes is why Gina Ford is treated like some sort of deity by mothers who feel the need to defend her. If something in her book worked for you and did no harm to your baby and in fact benefited your baby then that's all right. However, maybe you could have found that information elsewhere. However, there are things in Ms Ford's books that go against the grain of what we know about children and babies and that could be deemed as unhealthy or even cruel. Many mothers feel "bad" about things they did or did not do and it is easy to end up on the defensive at times.


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