Friday, August 11, 2006

So what ought a forum to do?

I'd say call her bluff. She hasn't got a legal leg to stand on in terms of the content of her books are allowed to be discussed and it's perfectly acceptable for people to either like it or dislike it and say so. If people think the methods are cruel and she is cruel for advocating them then that is all right. A vegetarian may think that Gary Rhodes is cruel for advocating a recipe for beef stew and may so - Gordon Ramsay even showed 2 pigs being slaughtered on his show the other day - I'm sure that vegans felt sickened if any of them watched it and it would be perfectly fine for them to comment and complain and say to Gordon Ramsay he is barbaric etc. Even GR looked upset by the whole thing.

It's the same with other TV shows and books - people are allowed to comment as they are out in the public domain. If you don't want people to disagree with you as a writer then I suggest you stick to vanity publishing Ms Ford and just give your book to friends and family. You are writing on babies - real life babies who are human beings, not objects, not things you can put away in a cupboard or turn off the switch on. If you don't treat them well then you risk their wellbeing.

Oh and I forgot - there's all her team. Big business in guruing parents and if they are linked with someone who should ever lose her footing in the eyes of parents then they stand to lose their careers too. So it pays to protect the hub and to threaten forums with closure and to threaten mums who ask questions or make negative comments about her books because you may just get egg in your face. So yes I'm sure they can provide very expensive solicitors and get letters and all sorts of threats going but the key question is... can they really do more than bluster?

Are we living in a country without freedom of speech? Are we not allowed to comment against people we may believe are harming babies with their words? Are we not allowed to challenge those words so that people don't act upon them? Are we not allowed debates on these issues because some hyped up guru threatens us all with legal action? (which she has done countless times - bluff bluff bluff and huff and puff)

So come on - are there any solicitors out there willing to take up the gauntlet and say "I don't think so Ms Ford"? It's not about her writing her books - if she wants to write books that is fine. It's about the way she stops people saying anything negative and plays on the fears of the vulnerable - mothers who are just trying to take care of their children with compassion.


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