Friday, August 11, 2006

So why Gina Ford?

So if you are here because you are pro Gina Ford and her books "helped you" then fine, but what about you? Do you really feel the need to defend her? Is she a personal friend or just a writer? When was the last time you felt the need to defend an author? If her work is that great why does she feel the need to threaten legal action when people query any part of it? And what about your baby? Why did you choose Ms Ford's parenting style over others?

Where is the expert in you? Did you trust your own instincts or did you hand over to someone who, if the questions asked earlier cannot be fully answered by her, is not really qualified to know about babies? How are the babies doing that she supposedly looked after? She didn't stay very long with them, did she? How does she know they were all right after being in her care? Have they turned into happy and balanced adults?

Why choose her and not another author to be your guru? Why have a guru? Why not another author who maybe has some of the same ideas (but hopefully not all)?


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