Friday, August 11, 2006

What is Gina Ford in relation to her biography?

In her biography on her website it is stated that:

Gina was born and grew up in the Scottish Borders. After studying Hotels and Catering in Edinburgh, she had an opportunity to become a maternity nurse and discovered her flair with babies. Over the course of her career, she has worked with hundreds of families with babies and small children.
For twelve years she was one of the most sought-after maternity nurses in the world, and specialised in caring for newborn babies and toddlers with serious sleeping and feeding problems. Gina worked for all kinds of people, from leading lawyers and high-flying bankers to newspaper editors, pop stars and other media personalities. "

So what does she mean when she says that she studied Hotels and Catering in Edinburgh? For instance, if I went to London I might peek in the front lobby of a hotel and I might eat out in a restaurant. Therefore, in my own biography, I might be able to say that I studied Hotels and Catering in London, Vienna, New York or anywhere else I visited too. Have I got a professional qualification in this? No but one has to ask has Ms Ford got a real qualification in Hotels and Catering or did she too just look at a hotel and eat out in the city of Edinburgh? Also, as many other mothers have asked out there, how is this relevant to child rearing?

The second one is she claims she was a maternity nurse. Now many people believe that this means she must have studied nursing as in medical nursing, but that is not the case. Maternity nurse is a misnomer - a glorified babysitter if you will. It's not a qualification - it's a role that one may undertake. Strictly speaking this role ought to be carefully vetted if the person has not raised their own children. And that's another thing - Gina Ford is not a mother, not a birth mother or an adopted mother, yet many women trust her so much that they are prepared to hand over their babies into the methods featured in her books.

The last set of questions I have at this point is if she had so many clients, and so many famous ones at that, why does she not name them and does it really make a difference to other mothers? After all, other famous nannies have gone off and had affairs with the husband etc. Does the fact that she has been with famous people make a real difference as to her knowledge base of babies? Also, if the claims are real that she has had these celebrity clients then have any of them yet come forward to support these claims?


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